Monophona – The Spy

On 22nd May 2016


»When song meets sound, acoustic meets electronica, a blend of two extremes, electronic and intimate, melodic and innovative. Monophona can be described as making headphone music – tunes you can listen to alone, eyes closed, but that also suit any gathering of people up for a pure listening experience.«

A1 Cracks 04:24
A2 Let Me Go 05:01
A3 Give Up 04:38
A4 Shades of Grey 04:52
A5 Warrior 05:05
A6 The Spy 06:01
B1 Still 03:27
B2 Unfold 03:37
B3 Quiet 04:02
B4 Ribcages 05:01
B5 Boy 5:02
B6 Sleep 03:38
B7 Humming 04:04

First Press: 22-05-2016:
• edition of 77 cassettes
• exclusive signed and numbered art-print (297 x 420 mm)
• translucent red C-60 cassette with transparent case
• full colored 5-panel j-card
• 24 different tape-stickers on B-side
• download code printed on insert

Monophona are: Chook / Claudine / Jorsch

All songs written by Monophona
Recorded & produced by Monophona

We wish to thank:
family & friends, all the bands we played with and had the pleasure of opening for, Nina, Petrit, Quentin, Sam, Sunglitters, Sam & Yves and everyone at the Rockhal, Giovanni & Patrice at Music:LX, Cédric, Patrick, Lucien, Ben & Tim & Fred at Radar, Karin, Fondation, Été, Snowhite, Charel

Painting, Photo & Artwork by Philipp Karcher

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